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6 Fun Games To Make Your Child Learn New Things

Parents throughout the world confront a variety of challenges since we’ve all embraced some degree of social distance. However, Pinterest-inspired homeschooling during a global epidemic isn’t the best use of one’s time.

I can confidently say that your child’s teachers have resources and expertise that are nearly impossible, if not impossible, to replicate at this time. Working from home and adapting to life under lockdown are examples of parental duties.

Your efforts at providing a well-rounded curriculum that can compete with what your child’s school typically offers aren’t something to be ashamed of. A sense of routine and pleasurable activities and games that stimulate learning through play are what children are looking for at this time.

To avoid becoming an overnight teacher, build a flexible schedule that includes lots of opportunities for children to practice fundamental talents, such as number sense and phonics, via play, music, and role-playing. When feasible, let your children play alone or in groups so that you may get some time to yourself or finish your work.

Tate’s Kids

London, Liverpool, and Cornwall are all part of the Tate collection of art galleries. Kids at Tate may engage in art-related activities and quizzes for free, get help with their art projects, and even submit their creations!

In addition to taking fun quizzes, kids may help robots preserve masterpieces in “Art Parts,” design landscapes in “My Imaginary City,” and more! In whichever art subject your child is interested in, there will be a new and exciting discovery for them!


Crayons, on the other hand, maybe scarce. Have a hard time finding enough paper to draw on in your sketchbook? The situation is completely under control! Colorfy is a fun and instructive digital coloring book for kids of all ages with high-quality pictures.

Your child may select from over 1000 photographs to paint, including flowers, animals, patterns, gardens, mandalas, well-known works of art, and other imaginative themes. Your child will have a lot of fun! This coloring game also features an augmented reality virtual gallery, so your child can see what their work will look like in the real world when they finish coloring it.


Homer aims to provide “the greatest educational start possible for children by offering personalized, fun, and proven to learn solutions,” according to the company’s website. This early learning program offers a variety of benefits, including the ability to read and tell stories.

As a result of taking a child’s current reading ability and interests into account, HOMER Reading creates a personalized learning plan. HOMER Stories assembles a collection of stories that youngsters will find enjoyable based on their shared interests.

Among Us

When this mobile manipulation game was first released in 2018, it took a few years to gain a following. People of various ages could connect over the Internet since everyone was forced to stay indoors due to a severe storm.

When you and your friends are crew members on a spacecraft, you do various jobs. A player has been tasked with assassinating another player, and victims must be able to see through their deceptions before it is too late. Having a wonderful time with your pals doesn’t have to be impossible because you’re paranoid.

The City of Sleeping Words or the Magic of Letters and Words

What you decide is entirely up to you. To help children of all abilities improve their spelling and grammar skills, this curriculum has been designed for use in grades K–12. It may be found on the Internet.

Reading comprehension and word memory are also aided by it. Over 40 free online spelling games, each with a pre-filled word list, are available for your consideration. Additionally, premium users may have access to all Vocabulary Spelling City has to offer for a little cost, including tailored lists, homework practice, and more.

It is based on the Nickelodeon children’s television program, Wallykazam!, which helps infants develop their early reading skills. For an exciting and amusing adventure with the kid Wally Trollman and his pet dragon Norville and the naughty Bobgoblin, Gina Giant and Libby Light Sprite will join forces. They will play activities while learning letter recognition, letter tracing, and phonics abilities.


Children from kindergarten through eighth grade will have plenty of fun while learning on this website. Helipopper, on the other hand, is a basic yet addictive game for youngsters who need a little mindless pleasure. When the right color balloon is popped, a cute little smile will appear on the small creature’s face!

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